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When will my California Organic Avocado order arrive?

We use USPS priority mail to ensure the fastest possible delivery, nationwide. USPS estimates priority mail to arrive between 1-4 days, however, that is not guaranteed and can sometimes take longer. Please use your tracking number provided to you after purchase to check on the status of your order.

Are there always 12 California Organic Avocados in each box?

Due to the variables we have to deal with when it comes to mother nature, we cannot always guarantee the avocados will be the same size on each delivery. While most of our orders contain 12 large size California Organic Avocados, some may contain up to 16 slightly smaller Avocados.

Will my California Organic Avocados arrive hard and green or soft and ripe?

This is another instance where mother nature plays a role. While we will always ship you unripened California Organic Avocados, we cannot guarantee how long the package will take to arrive to you. The Avocados may arrive green, or a mixture of green and ready to eat.

I can't eat 12 avocados that fast, how can I make them last?

Our California Organic Avocados will store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks! Once the Avocado yields to gentle pressure, but is still mostly firm, that is the perfect time to store the Avocado in the refrigerator. 

Can we buy your California Organic Avocados directly from the farm?

We currently do not have a farmstand open but we're working on it. Please visit us at one of our many Farmers Market locations around Southern California.


Mar Vista

Studio CIty

Larchmont Village


Pacific Palisades


Manhattan Beach

South Pasadena


La Canada

Culver City

How often will I receive my California Organic Avocado Subscription box?

We ship subscription boxes every Wednesday. We may print your shipping label beforehand, so you may receive an email with a tracking number before your box gets shipped.

What if my box arrives damaged?

We will happily send you a replacement box. Please send an email with details and photos of your package.